Tiffin University believes that learning occurs in the classroom as well as on campus through work experiences and through community service activities.  The purpose of a college education is to develop you into a well rounded and educated individual.  To help facilitate this development process, Tiffin University requires all bachelor's degree students to participate in the Co-Curricular Program.

Tiffin University's graduation requirement is for students to complete a total of 26 hours of co-curricular credit - 1 unit (13 hours) of personal development AND 1 unit (13 hours) of service learning.

All activities must be completed on a volunteer basis and cannot be required by a professor, coach, or employer.  Also, compensation or class credit cannot be received for participation.  Certain activities such as babysitting, working-out or participating in any type of physical fitness program, craft or make-up parties, and wedding planning will not be considered for credit.

Co-Curricular Units

Personal development activities include seminars or workshops that cover:

Cultural development activities such as:

  • visits to art exhibits
  • visits to museums
  • musical and theatre productions

Leadership development topics such as:

  • conflict resolution
  • diversity
  • goal setting

Professional development topics such as:

  • career exploration
  • interviewing
  • resume writing

Wellness development topics such as:

  • drug and alcohol education
  • stress
  • time management

Service Learning activities provide volunteer service to Tiffin University, the community, or national or international organizations.

Students have volunteered at the following locations:

  • American Red Cross
  • GoodWill
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Humane Society
  • Local Churches and Schools
  • Salvation Army
  • Soup Kitchens

Co-Curricular Hours

Earning Credit Hours
It is recommended that students attend the co-curricular workshops and activities that are sponsored on campus, however, students can complete activities on their own.  In order to qualify for co-curricular credit, an activity must go above and beyond a student's normal day-to-day activities or responsibilities.  The activity must consist of learning a new skill or lesson in an organized setting with a specific site supervisor.

Receiving Credit Hours
In order to get credit for an activity, students must complete and submit a Co-Curricular Information Sheet. The Co-Curricular Information Sheets, are available from the Registrar Office and must be completed in its entirety and signed by the site supervisor.

The sheets must then be returned to Judy Hafley,, 419-448-3270, located in Seitz Hall.

Approving Credit Hours
A Co-Curricular Committee, consisting of Tiffin University faculty and staff members, approves all co-curricular paperwork.  The Approval Process is a 3-4 week long process.  Once the Committee approves hours, the information will be posted to the Co-Curricular Database.  Students will only be contacted via Tiffin email if the paperwork is denied or additional information is requested.

Checking Credit Hours
Students are able to keep track of the number of co-curricular hours that they have earned on the Co-Curricular Database.