Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee’s Mission

Tiffin University shall strive toward excellence, which requires a commitment to diversity by creating an environment that is welcoming, understanding of different perspectives, affirming, and empowering to all populations. In order to foster a healthy environment, we seek and welcome a diverse group of faculty, students, and staff. Differences may include, but are not limited to: culture, gender, ethnicity/race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, mental and physical abilities, religious and political beliefs, and work and military experience. Our commitment will provide a professionally-focused educational experience by promoting contribution to and participation in an increasingly diverse and global society.


Committee for 2017-2018

  • Dr. Sharon Perry-Fantini, AVP for Equity, Access, & Opportunity (Chair)
  • Mr. Kevin Cashen, Dean of CJSS
  • Dr. Fang-Mei Law, CJSS – Associate Professor & Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Matt Bereza, CJSS – Associate Professor of Psychology, Counseling & Latin American Studies
  • Professor Diego Hernandez, SOB, Assistant Dean & Assistant Professor of Management
  • Professor Sami Mejri, Online, Assistant Professor of Science & Chair BA Online Professional Studies
  • Ms. Nadia Lewis, AVP for Human Resources
  • Ms. Kelly Daniel, Senior Women’s Administrator & Compliance Coordinator
  • Mr. Elton Carter, Staff Accountant
  • Ms. Talita Alves, Undergraduate Admissions Representative
  • Ms. Nellene Arnett, Arts Operations Assistant & Director of TU Gospel Choir & TU Kids Choir
  • Ms. Holly Bigg, S/A Resources Specialist & SAAC Advisor
  • Mr. Chris Caldwell, Student Support Specialist
  • Ms. Brianne Fox, Assistant Director for Equity, Access, & Opportunity & Violence Prevention Educator (Vice Chair and Secretary)
  • Ms. Linda Good, Grant Writer
  • Mr. Gary Goff, Head Football Coach
  • Mr. Mondrail Myrick, Director of Institutional Research
  • Ms. Tangi Ritchie, Assistant Director for Financial Aid
  • Ms. Hannah Tyson, Director of Student Engagement
  • Mr. Kenneth Santos, Assistant Coordinator of Disability Services
  • Harmony Bennett- BUS
  • Emily Keill- VOICE
  • Faisal Alrashdi- Saudi Student Club
  • Samantha Kramer- SPECTRUM
  • Roohani Dogra- GA Human Resources
  • Tina (Junxia) Rong CSSF