Diversity Committees

The Diversity & Inclusion Mission

Tiffin University shall strive toward excellence, which requires a commitment to diversity by creating an environment that is welcoming, understanding of different perspectives, affirming, and empowering to all populations. In order to foster a healthy environment, we seek and welcome a diverse group of faculty, students, and staff. Differences may include, but are not limited to: culture, gender, ethnicity/race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, mental and physical abilities, religious and political beliefs, and work and military experience. Our commitment will provide a professionally-focused educational experience by promoting contribution to and participation in an increasingly diverse and global society.


Committees for 2020-2021:

Coordinated Campus Response Team (CCR)

Brittany Holbrook - Project Coordinator (chair)

Kaylei Goodine – VAWA & Coordinator of Inclusion & Prevention Education

Juli Huston – Victims Advocate

Holly Bigg - Athletes

Wayne Kries –Student Engagement

Linda Good – Grant Manager

Jacob Simon –Student Affairs

Sean Durocher –Campus Security

Amy Spell – Counseling & Wellness

Dr. Liz Athaide-Victor – Representative for CJSS - connect to Distinguished Speaker Series

Dr. Ana Paula Fantini – Representative for SASS – connect with trauma-informed/cognitive behavior

Diego Hernandez – Representative for SOB – civil rights trained

Amanda Fire - Student

Dr. Perry-Fantini (ex-officio)


Community Members (External Memorandum of Understanding – EMOU)

Seneca County Victims Assistance

Det. Mark Marquis - Tiffin Police Department

Mercy Hospital – SANE Nurse


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Sean Durocher – Campus Security (chair)

Kayeli Goodine – VAWA Investigator

Michael Herdlick – Dean of Students

Jacob Simon – Student Affairs

Nick La Torre – Area Coordinator

Jill Aldrich - Area Coordinator

Amber Molnar – Area Coordinator

Juli Huston - Victims Advocate

Julie Richards - Counselor

Det. Mark Marquis – Tiffin Police Department

Mercy Hospital – SANE Nurse

Dr. Perry-Fantini (ex-officio)


Civil Rights Investigation Council

Dr. Sharon Perry-Fantini (Chair)

Jacob Simon – Deputy Coordinator

Nadia Lewis – Deputy Coordinator

Dr. Sandra Miller – Deputy Coordinator

Rudy Brownell - Deputy Coordinator

Tangi Ritchie

Diego Hernandez

Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates

Dr. Ana Paula Fantini

Dr. Rick Goeb

Dr. Pete Piraino

Dr. Sami Mejri

Michael Herdlick

Scott Saracusa

Justin Radar

Kaylei Goodine – Case Management


Diversity Celebrations Council

Dr. Joe Van Kerkhove – connect with Art Gallery Exhibitions (co-chair)

Caitlyn Bass – connect with International Affairs (co-chair)

Dr. Fang-Mei Law – connect with CSFSA

Dr. Matt Bereza – connect with LASO

Robin Dunlap – connect with co-curricular

Aly Horn – connect with Performing Arts & Music

Ben Sandrock – connect with Marketing and Social Media

Tangi Ritchie – manage diversity scholarships

Student (BUS)

Student (PRIDE!)

Student (VOICE)

Student (Saudi Student Association)

Student (CSSFA)

Dr. Perry-Fantini (ex-officio)


Clery Committee

Dr. Perry-Fantini (co-chair)

Sean Durocher (co-chair)

Nadia Lewis

Jacob Simon

Nick LaTorre

Julie Richards

Mike Herdlick

Brittany Holbrook

Lonny Allen

Dr. Amy Wood