Tuition Exchange FAQs

Q1. Who is eligible?

Dependent children of full-time Tiffin University employees as determined by the Office of Human Resources. Students must meet all academic and admission requirements of the institution they wish to attend, and be matriculated in a program of student leading to their first baccalaureate degree. Students need not be admitted prior to applying for the tuition exchange benefit.

Q2. How many years can my dependent receive sponsorship by Tiffin University?

Dependents of TU employees are sponsored for this benefit for a maximum of four years (8 semesters or 12 quarters) of full-time undergraduate study. Summer sessions are generally excluded from this scholarship.

Q3. How do I find the schools that are most likely to meet my student’s needs?

The Tuition Exchange, Inc. website includes a college search feature. View participating institution

Q4. What schools are on the list?

The most comprehensive and current listing is on the Tuition Exchange website or the CIC website

Q5. If I am an eligible employee, is my dependent guaranteed the tuition exchange scholarship?

No, your benefit allows your dependent the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The number of scholarships offered and the criteria used for the selection of recipients are solely up to each member institution. For some of the schools these are highly competitive scholarships. Check each school’s website to find out what percentage of scholarships are awarded to applicants.

Q6. What does the scholarship cover?

The actual dollar value is determined by the tuition charged by the host college. Most scholarships cover full tuition. However, any school that charges more than the minimum set by the Tuition Exchange, Inc. may opt to award the minimum amount. Student fees, course fees, course overloads, room and board are not covered. Some schools may choose to award a scholarship that also covers on-campus room.

Q7. Are there any restrictions placed on a tuition exchange scholarship by the host institution?

Full-time enrollment is a definite requirement. Many schools also have a minimum GPA for renewal and students may be required to file for federal and state aid. If the school awards housing, the student will be required to live on-campus in order to receive that amount. We strongly encourage families to contact each school they are interested in applying to for details.

Q8. When should my student and I apply?

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE STUDENT HAS BEEN ADMITTED! Many schools have early deadlines for receiving tuition exchange applications the best time to apply for the tuition exchange scholarship is at the same time you apply for admission. This is usually in the fall of the student’s senior year of high school. Remember that applying for admission, and applying for a tuition exchange scholarship are two separate processes!

Q9. Where do I get the paperwork to apply?

Contact the liaison officer for information or download the document below

Beth Leary 419-448-3407, or Deidre Hassinger 419-448-3054,

Q10. Who sends out the scholarship applications?

Once Human Resources certifies eligibility, the tuition exchange application will be forwarded to the TE liaison officer for processing. The liaison officer then submits the application online (Tuition Exchange, Inc.) or by mail (CIC).

Q11. When will we find out if my dependent received a scholarship?

It varies by institution. Many schools notify the student shortly after admission. Other schools may wait until April 1. It is best to contact the host institution directly with questions like this.

Q12. My dependent received a scholarship offer! Now what do we do?

Congratulations! Now you must accept or reject the offer within the guidelines and deadlines of that school. We strongly encourage students to contact each and every school they have applied to as soon as their decision is made. If the student is awarded a scholarship at more than one school it is very important for the school to know if the student will accept or not. Many schools are limited in the number of scholarships they are able to award and are forced to put students on a waiting list.

Q13. Who do I contact here at the university for more information?

Beth Leary 419-448-3407, or Deidre Hassinger 419-448-3054,