Big Dreams, Not Big Debt

We know college is a major expense and want you to graduate with a degree and peace of mind. To help you plan ahead, our innovative four-year approach minimizes that cost to make TU affordable for all families.


How much does Tiffin University cost?

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National average cost of 4-year private colleges (2019 data): $49,870

TU’s average cost (2020 data): $39,560 (Includes annual tuition, fees, room and board)


I can’t afford that!

Yes, you can! Families like yours can afford a private education. Our average cost of $39,560 is the sticker price, but for many families at TU, it is not the number they will actually pay.

Here is how it works:

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Sticker Price (tuition, fees, room and board) $39,560

  • Academic scholarships – up to $14,000
  • Activity scholarships (cheerleading, theater or music)
  • Athletic scholarships
  • University grants
  • Federal grants
  • Student loans

= $9,211 TU’s average out of pocket cost


So, what will college really cost me?

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While the actual cost of Tiffin University is different for each family, based on merit, need levels and other eligibility criteria, the average financial aid package for incoming students is $30,349.


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More than 90 percent of TU students receive a form of financial aid, which could include TU grants and scholarships, federal and state grants, federal and private loans, military benefits and student employment on- and off-campus.


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Tiffin University's average 2020-2021 average out of pocket tuition expense was $9,211.


Even with the help of financial aid, I will owe money. How will I pay off my debt?

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TU students who borrow accumulate an average student loan debt between $23,500 - $27,000. However, Tiffin University prepares you for a successful future.


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TU students develop a strong work ethic, with nearly 200 students working through federal work-study.

We also require all students to participate in an internship to gain valuable skills to prepare for the real world.


gold briefcase (left) and laptop (right)
Ninety-one percent of TU graduates are employed or continuing education six months after graduation. As a result, Tiffin University graduates can pay back their loans.


Why should I invest in TU?

Preparation for the real world

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We are a different kind of university; one built on practicality and focused on programs that provide a valuable return on investment toward employment or a graduate degree.
TU offers 30 on-campus majors that focus on practical job experience.

You will have the opportunity to learn with great minds.
TU professors share their on-the-job perspective, with expertise that goes far beyond textbooks and theory.
You will form meaningful connections and relationships with professors, which often lead to professional opportunities.
Moreover, they will know you by name and help you overcome challenges.

Sense of belonging

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From athletes, artists and entrepreneurs, to international students and those from urban and small-town settings, TU is actively building the most unique and diverse community in the rural heartland of Ohio.


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Today’s employers look for culturally attuned individuals with interpersonal skills, life skills and cultural competencies.
At TU, students experience an academic curriculum that prepares them for the 21st century.
Our campus is also home to a diverse student population.
With over a quarter of Tiffin University’s student body comprised of international students (10%) and U.S. ethnic minorities (21%), you are guaranteed to meet people from various backgrounds.


What does all this mean?

You can afford a Tiffin University education! We are built on practicality, affordability and opportunity. Seize your opportunity and invest in the endless possibilities TU can offer you. Every remarkable journey has its first steps. Take yours here.