Diversity Organizations

Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB)

SAAB is an organization committed to access for and success of at-risk males in high school and college, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding results. The organization assists men of color to realize and achieve their fullest potential by fostering a “spirit of caring” and providing positive leadership within their community.

LASO-Latin Student Organization (LASO)

LASO is a multicultural organization that strives to emphasize and encourage Latin American/Hispanic cultural awareness throughout campus and the community, while yet appreciating all other world cultures. The organization emphasizes student leadership through collaboration with other diversity organizations on campus, along with enhancing the social and academic background of Latin American and minority students. LASO is open to anyone and everyone while also being a recruitment tool for students of Hispanic descent to the university.

SAASE- Student African American Sisterhood of Excellence (SAASE)

As the Sisters of the Student African American Sisterhood of Excellence at Tiffin University, we promote diversity, while striving to be positive role models and contributing citizens in the Tiffin community. The Student African American Sisterhood of Excellence encourages and empowers every member, and aspires to be a beacon of light to all Tiffin University students. By building character and engaging in leadership positions throughout campus, we seek success, not only individually, but as a Sisterhood, supporting each of our fellow members and causes.

CSSFA- Chinese Student and Scholar Friendship Association (CSSFA)

The purpose of Chinese Student and Scholar Friendship Association (CSSFA) is to provide the assitance and service to Chinese student in the aspects of life and study in Tiffin University, and make sure they can easily adapt the life in United States. Also, CSSFA want to position itself as a bridge that can be used by all Chinese students to cross language barrier to communicate with other organization.


SPECTRUM (previously GLASS) is dedicated to providing support and education regarding gender and sexual diversities at Tiffin University in a confidential, fun, and supportive environment. Members meet to support and educate each other as well as plan events for the campus. The organization hosts an annual Drag Show, Coming Out Day, Day of Silence, and sponsors an AIDS Awareness week.

BUS-Black United Students

Black United Students strives to raise awareness of African-American and multicultural concerns on campus, as well as in the surrounding area. BUS holds campus events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration, the annual Spring Fashion Show, and co-curricular trips to historically Black museum sites. The organization also holds fundraisers to raise awareness for diabetes, one of the leading causes of death in the African American community.


The women of Voicing Our Insight Creating Empowerment (V.O.I.C.E.) want to see all females grow into beautiful, talented, strong, and healthy individuals. The years of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood can be a challenging experience. V.O.I.C.E. intends to utilize the skills and knowledge of other women to help overcome the many obstacles faced during this transition. V.O.I.C.E. wants to give all women role models and real life examples of success and growth. Please join the women of V.O.I.C.E. in their commitment to impact, encourage, and strengthen women’s empowerment throughout the community.