Recognition of Student Organizations

Existing Student Organizations

In order to maintain its status as a recognized student organization, all organizations are required to complete and submit a copy of the Student Organization Registration Form along with an updated copy of the organization's constitution within the first two weeks of each academic year. They must hold organized meetings and complete three events each semester.

New Student Organizations

In order for a group to become a University recognized organization, the group must complete the following registration process.

  1. Meet with the Director of Student Activities.
  2. Complete a Student Organization Registration Form.
  3. Develop an organizational constitution.  The constitution should include the name of the organization, the organization's mission statement, officers, advisor, fees if applicable, and membership requirements.
  4. Submit all paperwork (Registration Form and constitution) to the Director of Student Activities.
  5. Attend a Student Government meeting in order to present the organization as well as answer any questions about the organization.
  6. Complete a one-semester probation period.  During this probation, the group must complete 2 of the 3 required activities and attend all Student Government meetings.

At the conclusion of the probation period, if all requirements are met, the Director of Student Activities will approach Student Government and request a vote for the organization.

Recognition Privileges

University recognition grants the privileges of using the University facilities and services; the sponsoring of group events, such as social, academic and cultural events, and the right to request funds from the Office of Student Affairs or Student Government.

Withdrawal Recognition

Recognition of an organization may be refused, or if granted, withdrawn because of: policies or practices adverse to education or the best interests of the University; inactivity; or noncompliance with University regulations.

If an organization's recognition has been withdrawn, the organization can return to campus but will have to begin the recognition process again.