Payment Plans

The payment plan is the interest-free, debt-free way to spread tuition payments over a number of months for each academic year. The payment plan is not a loan, so there are no interest payments, only a low annual enrollment fee.

The plan allows you to break down your yearly education expenses into easy-to-manage installments, rather than one lump-sum payment. It’s simple and convenient.

Why Pay Monthly?

Your investment in education increases dramatically when you rely on loans or other interest-bearing options.

Paying as much as possible from current income and savings is an easy way to minimize that debt – especially if you can spread those payments over several months.

With the payment plan, you borrow less, and that saves you money on interest. Who knows, you could even graduate debt free!

Benefits to Paying Monthly

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Lower overall education costs
  • Funds remain in interest-bearing accounts longer

Fast, Easy Payment Options

The payment plan is all about convenience. That’s why we offer you the option to make your payments online by eCheck or credit card, or by mail with your monthly statement. Or if you prefer the worry-free simplicity of automatic deductions from your checking or savings account, you can sign up for recurring payments with our ACH plan.

Manage Your Account Online

Once you’re enrolled, you can set up your account, which allows you to view your account information and status, and make payments any time – day or night.

Fees and Other Charges

An annual enrollment fee of $60.00 is required to participate in the annual plan ($35 for the semester plan) and this fee is non-refundable. A fee of $25 will be charged for any insufficient fund transactions. In addition, a fee of $30 will be assessed for late payments.

Failure to Pay

In the event of failure to pay three installments in the case of the annual plan, OR two installments for the semester plan, enrollment in the plan will be terminated. Any remaining balance will be due in full immediately.

Errors in Budgeting

You are responsible for the entire amount of your college expenses regardless of whether you make any errors when calculating your monthly payments.

Important Enrollment Dates

Application Date/Number of Payments for the Annual Plan
August 1st, 10 payments
August 2nd to September 1st, 9 payments
September 2nd to October 1st, 8 payments
October 30th is the last date that applications will be accepted for the annual monthly payment plan.

Application Date/Number of Payments for the Fall Only Plan
August 1st, 5 payments
August 2nd to September 1st, 4 payments
September 2nd to October 1st, 3 payments
October 15th is the last date that applications will be accepted for the Fall only payment plan.

Application Date/Number of Payments for the Spring Only Plan
January 1st, 5 payments
January 2nd to February 1st, 4 payments
February 2nd to March 1st, 3 payments
March 15th is the last date that applications will be accepted for the Spring only payment plan.

The due date for payments is the 1st of each month.

Calculating Your Budget

When calculating your budget needs, we realize you may not be certain of your exact expenses or deductions for the coming academic year. For this reason, you may estimate your annual budget needs for the purpose of enrolling in the payment plan. You are free to change your budget amount during the course of the plan, upward or downward, when more accurate information becomes available.

Tuition, Room & Board

Visit the tuition, room & board page to view costs.

Below is a template for determining your monthly payment.

Room & Board:$_________
Other (Lab fee, books, insurance, etc.):$_________
Total Expenses:$_________


Credits/Financial Aid 
State & Federal Grants:$_________
State & Federal Loans:$_________
TU Scholarships & Grants:$_________
Other Credits (Deposits, local scholarships):$_________
Total Credits:$_________
(Total Expenses) - (Total Credits): $__________* 
*Divide this amount by the total number of months in the payment plan to determine the monthly payment. 

For more information please contact:

Office of Student Accounts

800.968.6446 ext. 3052