Arabic Studies Certificate

Recent studies showed that analytical and communication skills improve when students enroll in a foreign language course. In addition to the intellectual gain, learning a second language is an extremely desirable skill in today’s globalized economy. A second or perhaps a third language sets you apart from other graduates with similar degrees and allows you to explore employment opportunities around the world. Learning Arabic is a unique opportunity to understanding the culture of the Arab-speaking world, and grasping unique linguistic skills.

Why Tiffin University?

Tiffin University prepares and trains students for skills that are vital in today’s ever-changing job market. The fact that four out five jobs added to the US economy in recent years were global in nature confirms that college graduates should consider the attainment of foreign language. Upon graduation, this unique certificate in Arabic Studies will allow you to seek employment opportunities within the federal government, international organizations, or other closely related fields.

Faculty and Backgrounds

Language courses within the Arabic Studies certificate are taught by native speakers who understand the phonetic of contemporary Arabic, as well as the pedagogical frameworks for its learning and teaching. Faculty teaching these courses have lived in the Arabic speaking world and thus, values the importance of incorporating historical and cultural themes in facilitating the learning of the Arabic language.

Highlights of the Program

Learning Arabic as a second language is a task that requires practice, dedication, and a constant desire to engage in conversations involving native speakers. While recorded lectures and textbook material provide the necessary framework for recognizing general phrases, laboratory practice and group interactions are crucial to mastering the language. The certificate is based on a sequence of four language courses, a history course, and a culture course. The language courses must be taken in a sequence due to the scaffolding nature of the content and its alignment with Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone program offers interactive, self-guided and self-paced activities and assessments. You can also schedule an unlimited number of 30-minutes chatting sessions with a native speaker using the E-TOTALe software.

The Arabic Studies certificate is designed for students contemplating jobs in the military, the intelligence community or foreign affairs. (View gainful employment disclosure)

Required Courses

ARB101 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
ARB102 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic II
ARB201 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I
ARB202 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic II
CUL312 Middle Eastern Cultures
HIS312 History of the Middle East
Total: 18 Semester Hours

Possible Job Opportunities

  • Department of Defense
  • CIA
  • FBI
  • State Department
  • Secret Service
  • TSA
  • Other Homeland Security Agencies and Non-Government Organizations
  • Educational Institutions in the Middle East