Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at Tiffin University was established in 2003 as a separate entity to coordinate institutional research activities under one umbrella. Among the responsibilities of IR are (a) collecting and analyzing data, (b) completing/administering routine external and internal surveys, and (c) complying with federal and state educational requirements. Thus, the department serves as a comprehensive source for information about Tiffin University.

The function of this site is to provide a data depository accessible to everyone. With written permission and upon approval by administration, we may provide the original data for further analysis, presentation, etc.

Mission: The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to provide accurate information to support the decision making processes and strategic planning. The office facilitates and coordinates the collection, and analysis of data for internal and external constituents.


  • To improve the availability of information (dashboards, snapshots, reports)
  • To improve the consistency of institutional data
  • To improve Local, Regional, and National rankings
  • To increase participation in the Association of Institutional Research organizations (OHIO AIR, AIR, NEAIR)
  • To improve forms, policies, and procedural processes in the office

Vision: The Office of Institutional Research will be one of the premier IR offices in Ohio. The office will be proactive in providing meaningful analyses to internal stakeholders and strategic partners.

Fact Book

Common Data Set – (updated annually)

Institutional Research Contact Information

Teresa Shafer
Vice President for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
(419) 448-3309

Holly Allgood
Director of Institutional Research
(567) 268-6020

Graduate Assistant
(567) 268-6125

Department Email

Data Requests

If you have a request for data, please submit a ticket by following this link.


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