A Statement from President Lillian Schumacher

Since accepting the position of Tiffin University President in 2016, I have been asking myself: Why does our University exist; why do we do what we do? The answer is rather simple: Because of our students. We are here to serve our students.

This is an obvious answer, and supports our purpose and mission but it raises other questions: What does “serving our students” mean? Why do students choose TU and what do we exactly do to serve them? The answer is: We are here to ensure that by the time our students graduate from this University, regardless of their major, they are effective contributors to their employers and to their communities.

As a university, we offer a variety of degrees in various disciplines. We teach theory and practice extremely well in hopes that our students learn their profession and develop applicable skills and capabilities to be successful in their field choice. This is very important. But we can go further. Beyond their discipline-based skills and capabilities, our graduates should also be positive contributors to their employers, communities and society as a whole.

Tiffin University graduates then, regardless of their area of specialty are: innovative problem solvers who can leverage diversity of any type to work effectively with people who are different from them and produce innovative ideas.

This is why we do what we do every day and is in essence, what we are about; it is stated as such in our vision: A premier university for challenging students to enhance their global competencies and 21st century skills, for success in a diverse world.

Think about this: On the day of graduation, if someone asks one of our graduating students: What is different about you today compared to the day you started your education at TU? How would that student respond? How do we want that student to respond? Of course, we want him/her to say: “Today, “I have strong skills and capabilities in my field of study.” But that is a partial answer. We also want our students to add: “I am now an innovative problem solver and can better leverage my skills to contribute to my employer, my community and our global society.”