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#AllCulturesWelcomeWednesdays ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Name: Amy Wood * How you got your name: My mom grew up on a guernsey farm and my Grandpa always wanted a farm called Amy LouLou. My mom decided to name me (partially) in honor of my Grandpa. I was named Amy Rose; not Amy LouLou. * The place you were born: Findlay, Ohio. * The place you call home: Growing up I called Alvada, Ohio home, but today, I call Tiffin, Ohio home. * You were raised by: I was raised by my mom and dad. * The biggest influence on your belief system is: My mom, dad, and husband have had the biggest influence on my belief system. In addition, I am Cathothic which I feel provided me the foundation of my value and belief system. * Describe your best friend in 7 words: My best friend is the most positive, caring, compassionate, motivated and selfless person I know. * Your favorite holiday, and why: Thanksgiving! I love getting together with family and spending quality time together. Who doesn't love stuffing?! * One thing you are most proud of from your culture: I grew up on a farm. Farming is not an easy living, but I definitely learned the value of hard work from it. * The reason I chose TU was: The reason I chose Tiffin University as a student was because they were affordable and had my major within commuting distance from my parent's house. I have chosen Tiffin University to work because it is an institution where the faculty and staff members truly care about one another and the students. I truly enjoy watching the students succeed in and out of the classroom! * ( @anjaproudfoto) #tiffinu #tiffinuniversity #CCUatTU #ccu #AllCulturesWelcome #tiffinu #photography
Grey skies are just clouds passing over.